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Blair Scheduling & Reservation Services

Scheduling Services at Blair is where you can find information on scheduling a recital, a recording, reserving a practice room or classroom.



Student Recitals

Blair Students have the opportunity to perform a solo recital in either Turner Hall or Choral Hall depending on their year and major. For more information on the policies and procedure for scheduling a recital please visit our Student Recital Page.

Practice Room Reservations

Practice Rooms are available for Blair Students to use. For more information on the policies and how to reserve a room to use for the semester please visit the Practice Room FAQ Page.


Students are able to use the performance halls and for a fee Blair's recording engineers  to make recordings for competitions and grad school auditions. For more information on how to arrange a recording please visit the Recording Policies Page.

Booking a Classroom

Blair classrooms are scheduled during the building of the Schedule of Courses (January/February for Fall courses, September for Spring courses, and December for Summer courses).

To book a classroom for a rehearsal or study session please do so through the Schedule Coordinator, Christine Claffey. Faculty and staff are able to use EMS to book classrooms, students must contact the Schedule Coordinator via email with a note of approval from a sponsoring faculty member.

New for Fall 2014, Wednesday Event Hour from 12:10pm - 1pm every Wednesday during the semester. classroom and performance hall slots are reserved for educational events for Blair students. Please fill out the Wednesday Event Hour Request Form to request a Wednesday event slot.

Rental Groups

Blair occasionally rents out Ingram Hall, Turner Hall or Choral Hall to VU Groups and Non-Profit Community Groups. More information on these spaces can be found on our Facilities Page.