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Recording Policy Information

Blair students (Undergrads & Pre-College students enrolled in performance lessons) who wish to use a performance hall to record an audio or video file for an audition may do so by following the scheduling process & recording policies.turner

Students will normally be limited to two recording sessions of two hours each per semester. Exceptions may only be made through a special recommendation by a faculty member.

Recording sessions should be scheduled no more than four weeks ahead, which helps avoid late cancellations, and no less than a week ahead of time if using an engineer.

Recordings are only available to Blair students & faculty, we do not do recording sessions for groups or performers who are not affiliated with Blair.

Scheduling process

There are three different options if you choose to use Turner Hall or Choral Hall for recording purposes. Please follow the instructions listed under your preferred option in order to schedule your recording.

Option 1 - Recording in the hall with one of the Blair technicians

  1. Student requests time on EMS. For pre-college students, the student's instructor should be the one to check for dates.
  2. Student secures faculty approval and makes sure accompanist is available for the target date. Arranging a second-choice date is a good idea, just in case.
  3. Having secured agreements with all the necessary parties, the student returns to the scheduling coordinator. If the desired date is still available, the date may be booked through EMS.
  4. One week prior to recording, student double-checks all arrangements and pays recording engineer. If using a recording engineer, he must be paid in advance. The current fee is $72 for up to 2 hours of recording, any additional hour is $36 per hour. This fee should be made out directly to the engineer.

Option 2 - Recording in the hall with your own or your teacher's equipment

This type of request may be made through EMS by the sponsoring faculty member. While scheduling please click "No" on the details page where it says "If this is for a recording, will you need an engineer?"

Option 3 - Recording in the hall with an independent recording engineer

Students or faculty who want to hire an independent recording engineer will be charged a fee of $36 per hour for a Blair technical staff member to be present during the hours reserved for the recording if scheduled after 5 p.m. or on weekends.

To schedule, please follow the same steps listed in Option 1.