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Fall 2021 Health and Safety Practices

We celebrate the gradual return to in-person youth programs at Vanderbilt, and appreciate your partnership in upholding our policies designed to keep your child safe during pandemic operations. With that in mind, we’d like to provide you with the following general information about our programs this fall:

Face coverings/masks

Required indoors in all spaces by children older than age 2 and by adults interacting with children, regardless of those adults’ vaccination status. Adults at indoor drop-off/pick-up are required to wear masks. Outdoors, masks are not required as long as you are able to physically distance.

Physical distance

Students must remain six feet away from others indoors when masked in a classroom setting.

Access to campus buildings

All academic buildings at Vanderbilt are currently locked to visitors. Please ensure any late arrivals or early pick-ups are arranged in advance.

Illness/symptoms of illness

Arrive healthy. Parents should monitor their child’s heath daily leading to each drop-off. Do not send children to the program if they are exhibiting signs of illness. If your child receives a positive COVID test result within 48 hours after being present in the Blair building, contact the program leader immediately, as this may result in the need to perform contact tracing within the program.

Child is on quarantine/isolation order from school or another activity

Do not send your child to the program until the quarantine/isolation period has ended.

Close contacts for COVID-19 in a K-12 classroom setting

Vanderbilt adheres to CDC guidance for K-12 classroom settings, and will also apply close contact exceptions as per the Tennessee Department of Health guidance, as appropriate. If your child is determined to be a close contact, you will be contacted. Vanderbilt works with the local health department on reporting positive cases of COVID-19. For the health and safety of children and adults, programs for which masking and distancing cannot be universally applied may be temporarily suspended while close contact determinations are being made.

Vanderbilt faculty and staff and vaccination

Vanderbilt has implemented mandatory COVID-19 vaccination polices for its faculty and staff. However, we cannot provide guarantees or assurances that all adult personnel in a particular program are definitely vaccinated, as some faculty and staff may have been granted approved (medical or religious) exemptions from the vaccination requirement.

Child safety and misconduct prevention

Safety and youth protection is a priority at Vanderbilt. In addition to the health and safety practices around pandemic operations, Vanderbilt personnel are required to maintain compliance with annual child abuse and misconduct prevention training. All adult personnel in programs are mandatory reporters for concerns of child maltreatment. Parents may report any concerns to Mary Biddlecombe or to Vanderbilt internally at

We thank you for your partnership in meeting these health and safety expectations. Should you have any questions, please reach out to your teacher or to Mary Biddlecombe, Director of the Blair Academy.