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Myra Jackson Blair Junior Scholarship Responsibilities

MJB juniors

Private Study and Class Requirements

  1. Students are enrolled in 45-minute private lessons. Active participation in lessons, regular practice as assigned, punctuality and excellent attendance are all expected.
  2. Collaborative Piano or Chamber Music classes may be required – ask your studio teacher.
  3.  Ten outreach concerts in area retirement homes and other venues are given annually. Each scholarship student is required to perform in one concert per semester.
  4. All scholarship students are expected to demonstrate attendance at two concerts a semester. See below for examples of qualifying concerts.
  5. Eligible students are expected to participate in the Nashville Youth Orchestra Program or Blair Children’s Chorus Program, as appropriate.

Scholarship Recital Performance Requirements

All MJB Junior Scholars are required to attend one of the three scholarship recitals at the end of fall semester. Fall 2018 recital dates are December 10, 12 and 13. MJB Junior Scholars are also required to attend the April 24 Senior Graduation Recital. The student will confirm recital attendance by checking in with Dean Schneller at the recital(s).

Professional Concerts

All scholarship students are expected to attend at least two professional or large ensemble concerts and document their attendance. Qualifying examples include: Nashville Symphony; Blair faculty recitals; guest artist performances at Blair; large collegiate ensembles at Blair. To verify attendance, The student must submit to Dean Schneller either a concert program signed by the student and a faculty member at the concert, or a scanned photo of the signed program. This also counts toward the Certificate Program.


Students receive leter grades for their private lessons and classes. A grade average of B or better must be maintained in each subject. Students are put on probation at mid-semester if they have a grade of B-minus or worse in a class or lesson. At the end of the term, if the grade is not up to the required level, the student may be required to forfeit his/her scholarship. 

Scholarship Renewal

All scholarship students must audition each spring for a scholarship for the coming year. Scholarships are not guaranteed, nor are they automatically renewed. Junior Scholarships are only awarded to students who will be entering grades 5-7 the next year. The Faculty Audition Committee will base its decision on the student’s progress and competition involved. 

Additional Opportunities

 Myra Jackson Blair Junior Honor Scholars may study Chamber Music or Collaborative Piano (pianists) in addition to private lessons and classes. These are optional.