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Certificate Recipients

The Blair Academy Certificate Program to recognize excellence in performance and scholarship was established by the Blair School of Music in 1986. Two certificates were awarded: the Certificate of Achievement, and the prestigious College Preparatory Certificate. In 2013, the Certificate Program Council revised the program and created two new certificates: the Certificate of Merit and the prestigious Certificate of Distinction. Honors may be earned with either certificate for completing advanced levels of Music Theory and Music History. Below is a chronological list of certificate winners.

College Preparatory Certificate (awarded 1986-2013)

1986 Thomas G. Pollard
1987 Melvin Chen, Ivy Chun
1989 Susan Chang
1990 Irwin Chen
1992 Melanie Caldwell, David Mitchell, Peter Shinholster
1993 Jeanna Haw, Eddia Kao, Rosa Lin, Mary Catherine Race
1995 Grace Cha. Lawson White
1996 Sarah Smith, Christopher Yoo
1998 Edward Huang
1999 Brooke Quiggins
2000 David Finney, Erika Hagland, Bora Lee
2001 John Armstrong, Karen Huang
2002 Dawson Gray
2003 Megumi Hoshino, David Mansouri, Daniel Spaw, Amy Wu
2004 Paula Cheng, Christopher Cynn, Arthur Kim
2005 Evelyn Laureano, Grace Tseng
2006 Abigail Coffer, John Lee
2007 Emily Green, Christopher Lowry
2008 Hannah Edelman, Sarah Musgrave, Ashley Rollins
2009 Joey Capparella
2010 Sean Calhoun
2011 William Bender, Kristin Quint, Christina Ramsay, Jacob Shafer, Derek Shyr
2012 Annie Bender, Katy Coffer, Nathan Lowry, Kameron Myers, Amy Thompson

Certificate of Achievement (awarded 1986-2012)

1986 Julie Marie Williams
1987 Thomasanna Hail
1988 Rosa Shim
1989 Jane Hong, Carol Im, Chris Mueller, Carrie Plummer
1990 Jenny Haw, Solon Kao
1991 Nena Gravil, Matt Kreis
1992 Tish Anderson, Erin Hall, Phillip Holland, Christopher Warren
1995 Sue Jean Cho, Laureen Kuzur
1996 Teri Bante, Gabriel Dixon, Julia Tichi
1997 Evan Barr, Nicole Naumann, Paul Shinholster
1998 Kathryn Winfield
2000 Molly Robertson
2002 Anna Baik
2003 Priscilla Baek
2005 Claire Berry, Clarice Wang
2011 Jesse Kasinger

Certificate of Distinction (awarded after 2012)

2013 Bowen Feng, June Kim, Victoria Sellers (honors)
2014 Mary Grace Bender, Willis Mangum
2015 Rebecca Rousseau (honors), Faith Van Ryckeghm (honors)
2016 David Bender, Jenna Mangum (honors)
2017 Chloe Harvel (honors), Kazuki Takizawa
2018 Kaili Wang (honors)
2019 Jack Allen, Taiyu Python Chen (honors), Nolan Harvel (honors), Maggie Kasinger (honors), Sarah McGuire (honors), Hayeon Ryou (honors)
2020 Bright Johnston (honors), Jinsun Kim (honors)

Certificate of Merit (awarded after 2012)

2013 Michelle Chintanaphol, Olivia Rose (honors), Kevin Wang
2014 Allison Pao, Mikaela Rose (honors)
2015 Anna Cowan (honors), Caroline Zhao, Neil Zheng
2016 Joy Fan (honors), Rebekah Lim (honors), Sage Loh, Blake Skelton (honors)
2017 Samuel Bender, John Hartley (honors), Lindsey Tucker (honors)
2018 Brian Lu, Danielle McInturff (honors), Lu Zheng (honors)
2019 Julia An, Jocelyn Hartley (honors), Ashley Rands, Cecily Shi (honors)
2020 Antonio Dodson, Maria Manning, Kevin (Zihan) Xian