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Music and Culture for Adults

Mitchell Korn, instructor

Music and health are powerful partners. Cumulative research continues to show that listening to, enjoying and learning about music contributes to emotional health, social interaction, and brain and memory function. We know that for adults, music and music education lower anxiety and increase positive viewpoints and community engagement.

Music has a unique ability to integrate the hemispheres of our brains. It reinforces our creative and rational abilities, while keeping healthy neural paths functioning at full capacity. It is among the most successful treatments for brain trauma or dysfunctions including dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism spectrum disorder and brain injury. Music is a powerful stimulant for brain and emotional welfare!

Adult music classes dedicated to enjoying music together, viewing great ensembles and musicians, and discovering “access points” into studied works provide access and enjoyment to all. Join us for our "Symphony 101" and "Great Music, Great Film" classes and experience the many benefits of adult music learning!

My dedication and commitment to teaching adult courses for Blair Academy is based on creating, engaging, and passionate access to great symphonic works and cinema for my lifelong learners. 

Every symphony, concerto and film I teach is shared online through outstanding video and audio. I utilize an aesthetic education method where I provide “doorways” into these wonderful works, by focusing on “behind the scenes” stories, scholarly research, images, biography, and discussion. 

Each week, one work is deeply explored over a two-hour class. We laugh, we cry and we come together as an adult online community. Join us!

Spring 2021 courses

Great Music, Great Films - on Zoom

Mitchell Korn, Instructor

Music and film, together, are an essential art form of the 20th and 21st century. Mitchell Korn leads Great Music and Great Film, through fascinating behind the scenes stories, images and film video. Join the discussion. Gather with your popcorn and beverage and enjoy wonderful cinema and music!

  • Robin Hood (1938)
  • Mortal Storm (1940)
  • Talk of the Town (1942)
  • Humoresque (1946)
  • Young Man with a Horn (1950)
  • Carmen Jones (1954)

Music and Civil Rights

Social justice and the civil rights movement in the U.S. have always had music and musicians as a central inspiration and driving force. The music in many cases, became anthems for protesters and celebrants. African American blues, Southern roots music, the Great Migration, Chicago blues, 1950s R&B, and contemporary songs all have given the movement its voice. Join Mitchell Korn for a six-class exploration of this music, its creators, and its impact upon social justice change, through unique performers/creators, historical background, and video and live performances.

NOTE: $20 discount for students who are also enrolled in both Symphony 101 and Great Music, Great Films. No other discounts apply.

Symphony 101: New Ears for Music and the Orchestra - on Zoom

Mitchell Korn, Instructor

Join Mitchell Korn in an online exploration of superb symphonic, concerto and dance works! This semester pieces include music by Brahms, Copland, Prokofiev and more! The class meets every Wednesday, 1-3 pm, for 8 weeks from January 13- March 3, 2021. And each class includes engaging composer and music history, video performances and discussion. Help make your winter warmer and brighter. Join the Symphony 101 Community!

  1.  Schumann Symphony No. 2
  2. Brahms Symphony No. 2
  3. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24
  4. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5
  5. Copland Appalachian Spring
  6. Haydn Symphony No. 104 "London"
  7. Prokofiev Symphony No. 5
  8. Orff Carmina Burana