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Our Mission

Blair Academy at Vanderbilt comprises the precollege and adult programs of the Blair School of Music. Its mission is to provide the highest caliber of music education for children, youth and adults, so they may achieve their full potential as artists, citizens and leaders.

To achieve this mission, Blair Academy at Vanderbilt has identified these goals:

  • To serve students of all ages and ability levels in a unique, blended community of musicians. Precollege and university students study with the same nationally renowned faculty in a challenging and welcoming environment.
  • To strive for continued and growing excellence in teaching and musical performance, attracting and challenging the most talented, gifted and dedicated young musicians in the region.
  • To ensure, through a robust need- and merit-based scholarship program, that financial considerations do not deter qualified students from enrolling in our programs.
  • To expand our commitment to the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. We seek to create community partnerships to broaden our student and family population, and extend our ability to share our resources with the broader Nashville community.
  • To continue research and innovation in teaching, learning and performing, as well as to work collaboratively with other colleges and departments at Vanderbilt.
  • To serve the community and advocate for music education by offering concerts, lectures and recitals free of charge. We actively partner with area schools and arts organizations to promote music education.
  • To be a resource for the greater Nashville community and beyond; a place where teachers and organizations can learn and take inspiration from our unique precollege and adult program model, and the specific programs within it.