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In our precollege and adult program? Take our survey!

Nov. 20, 2013—If you or your child is involved in our precollege and adult education program, we want to hear from you! We are very interested in hearing about your experiences as a student at the Blair School. Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us, as we strive to maintain and improve the high quality...

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Steve Buckingham-led class explores R&B and race relations

Jul. 26, 2013—Explore the history of the Civil Rights Era through the music of the day. “Rhythm & Blues Tore Down the Walls of Segregation” is a weekly class in the Blair School’s adult education program. The class is taught by acclaimed music industry executive Steve Buckingham, who experienced the events first-hand. Lectures, films, recordings and classroom...

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New course alert! Guitarist Dave MacKenzie surveys pre-WWII Blues recordings

Jul. 22, 2013—Acclaimed Nashville guitarist Dave MacKenzie joins the Blair School’s faculty this fall with a new course for our adult students. “Pre-World War II Blues Recordings: An Aural and Visual Survey” will explore early examples of the genre. Students will listen to 200-300 recordings made between 1920-1942, encompassing every major African-American style of blues, urban, and...

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