Christina Costello

Christina Costello

Executive Director of Presenting Services

Christina Costello, a veteran in the music industry, has transitioned her extensive expertise in global event production to academia as the executive director of presenting services at the Blair School of Music. Driven by a passion for fostering cultural engagement, she joins Vanderbilt University with a vision to elevate the institution’s profile through innovative and thought-provoking presentations.

Born and raised in New York, Costello has orchestrated live performances and events with renowned artists such as Alicia Keys, Adele, Taylor Swift, Deadmau5, Perry Farrell, and many others, in over 55 countries around the world, demonstrating her commitment to making art and live music accessible to everyone.

Leveraging her experience in designing and constructing numerous live production venues nationwide, Costello possesses a nuanced understanding of the essential requirements for operating and maintaining performance spaces that cater to the needs of musicians.

Her commitment to excellence and her ability to foster a positive and collaborative work environment have been instrumental in the success of the teams she has led.

Beyond her professional achievements, Costello is known for her mentorship and commitment to sharing her knowledge of the music industry with others. She instructed a course on Tour Management & Accounting at UCLA, delivering practical insights to aspiring musicians and management professionals.

Christina Costello brings a fresh perspective to the academic realm, seamlessly integrating her knowledge of event planning, production, and venue management with the educational environment. Christina’s ability to execute large-scale productions and cultivate meaningful partnerships with the local community positions her as a dynamic leader ready to elevate the university’s cultural and academic events.