Heidi Basgall Favorite

Assistant to the Dean

Assistant to the Dean

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1113 Blair

Assistant to the Dean Heidi Basgall Favorite brings 20 years of professional Vanderbilt experience to the Blair School of Music. Before coming to Blair in 2017, she supported executive-level administrators in the dean’s office at Vanderbilt’s College of Arts & Science, and for a decade worked in the Vice Provost’s Office for Research. This experience afforded her a broad perspective of central academic initiatives and university operations. A trained performer, she combines her love of music with her Vanderbilt experience to support the mission of the Blair School, its students and faculty.

At Blair, Basgall Favorite is the point of contact for the deans’ suite, providing administrative support to the dean and associate deans, faculty, and students as needed. She assists the dean with implementing strategic initiatives identified by the chancellor and provost, and is the deans’ suite liaison to Faculty Affairs and the provost’s office. She is also the administrative manager for faculty review, promotion and tenure process, and serves as lead for the administrative team addressing confidential staff matters, office planning and oversight.

Basgall Favorite is a professionally trained singer and pianist, and performed extensively around the country before settling into her career here on campus in the late 1990s. She still performs as often as time allows. She embodies a deep appreciation for music as a listener, a learner and a performer.