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Precollege and Adult Program

Piano quintet

About the Precollege and Adult Program

As fulfillment of the founding mission of the Blair School of Music, the Precollege and Adult program is dedicated to providing superior musical training to its students as well as to contributing to the musical culture of the Nashville environs. Through performance and classroom instruction, numerous ensemble venues, concerts, lectures, and recitals given by faculty and students, Blair encourages the development and nurturing of each student's musical capabilities.

Catalogs and Current Offerings

Types of Instruction

Studio and Chamber Music

The art of musical performance of an instrument or voice is presented to precollege and adult students via group and individual instruction. From the necessary basics to the application of more advanced aspects of music making, students receive the foundations needed for musical expression. Further study of performance practices is available for adults and precollege students in the Chamber Music program. Coaching and interpretation of literature for small, mixed ensembles is available upon recommendation of private instructors.

Precollege and Adult Classes

Precollege classes include interactive, self-guided Music Theory courses that progress from elementary to advanced theory and composition; Music History courses that explore music's historical, cultural and social development; Musicianship courses to learn to identify, write and produce music in real time; Collaborative Piano and Accompanying; and Alexander Technique.

Adult students may enroll in a variety of classes, including Symphony 101, New Ears for Music and the Orchestra, which explores the history, culture and sounds of symphonic literature and more; Blair Hit Songwriter Series, where songwriters connect, share and learn from some of Music City's finest; Tai Chi for Stress Release; and interactive Music Theory classes.

Ensembles and Chamber Music

Singers and instrumentalists develop ensemble skills by performing in choral, orchestral, Suzuki and chamber music ensembles. Designed for varying ages and levels of musical expertise, these groups are open by audition and teacher placement.

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