China blog, part 5: Lindsey checks in from the Atlanta airport

Well we’ve made it to Atlanta! Got a few hours of sleep on the bus, but now I’m trying to stay up until we get to Chicago. That way I’ll theoretically be sleeping “at night.” Sleepy orchestra. I’m wearing a bear hat (as you’ll see below). We’ve camped out in the airport along a corridor, since check-in doesn’t open until 5:30 a.m.


















Lindsey in her bear hat. No! Sleep! Til Chicago!






















A few folks exercising together, presumably to fight jet lag? (Anna Perretta, Lillian Johnson, Sam Rhoades, all violin folk)










The painful reality check — how far are these plane and train rides we'll be taking in China? "What's the scale here?...Oh, 800 or 900 miles. Oh. That's like flying across the entire U.S." Pictured: Sarah Ha, flute, Amy Helman, violin, and Michael Holland, percussion


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