Strings and Harp

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Area Coordinator: Cornelia Heard

The following String Department faculty offer instruction to Blair undergraduate music majors:

Pre-screening & Audition Repertoire Requirements

All applicants must complete a pre-screening video according to their program (instrument, voice, composition or jazz.) Pre-screening requirements are the same regardless of your specific major of interest. For example: all voice applicants will follow the vocal requirements below no matter what they plan to major in (Performance, Integrated Studies, or along the Musical Arts degree.) Once the admissions process is complete, admitted students will notify us of their intended specific major. You can learn more about these majors hereJazz applicants should follow the specific Jazz requirements for pre-screening and audition on their primary instrument or voice.

All applicants should feel free to reach out to Blair Admissions with audition repertoire questions.

  • Recommended Audition Repertoire for the Strings Department


    • First or third movement of a standard concerto, memorized (pre-screening and audition)
    • Two contrasting movements of a Bach solo sonata or partita, memorized (pre-screening and audition)
    • One Paganini Caprice, memorized (pre-screening and audition)


    • Étude or caprice (audition only)
    • Two contrasting movements from a Bach unaccompanied suite (originally for cello) or a Bach unaccompanied sonata or partita (originally for violin); memorized (pre-screening and audition)
    • One movement of standard concerto, memorized (pre-screening and audition).


    • Étude demonstrating technical proficiency (audition only)
    • Two contrasting movements of a Bach unaccompanied suite; memorized (only one movement required for pre-screening; two required for audition)
    • Movement of a standard concerto; memorized (pre-screening and audition)

    Double Bass

    • Two solo pieces of contrasting style, tempo, and era. A movement of a sonata or concerto will be considered one piece. (prescreening and audition)
    • Two standard orchestral excerpts of choice. (pre-screening and audition)


    • One movement of a concerto by Handel, Mozart, Dittersdorf, or similar work (pre-screening and audition)
    • Two contrasting solo pieces from different periods (pre-screening and audition)
    • One orchestral excerpt or cadenza from the standard audition repertoire (audition only)


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