Music Education

Blair Music Ed

A Bachelors and Masters Degree from Vanderbilt in Five Years...

Conservatory-Level Training...

  • Performance opportunities equivalent to those of a performance major - same amount of lessons, recitals, and attention
  • World-class musicians as classroom, ensemble, and private instructors
  • Applied instruction on primary and secondary instruments - to prepare you for the ever-changing world of music education
  • Choral and instrumental conducting with considerable focus on methods and appropriate literature

...With a Liberal Arts Focus

  • Vanderbilt's core of liberal arts education allows for maximum flexibility and growth
  • Study abroad possibilities in the Junior year
  • Intense academic study in a thriving, vibrant city
  • Experience every different kind of educational environment - urban, public, charter, parochial, private
Peabody College campus

Peabody College of Education and Human Development

Peabody College Is Consistently Ranked Among the Top Five Education Schools in the Nation...

  • Multiple outside practical experiences and student teaching assignments
  • Graduates are immediately certified to teach in Tennessee and have reciprocity agreements in 40 additional states
  • Financial aid and merit scholarship opportunities available for all five years of the program

Why Blair-to-Peabody?

Integration and Practical Experience With a Strong Set of Precollege Ensembles...

  • Instead of simulated classrooms, you get the experience of observing and teaching children in an ideal educational environment. Our precollege integration features assistantship opportunities with four youth orchestras, and a children's chorus program encompassing six different choirs serving every grade level
  • Leadership opportunities with the Spirit of Gold Marching Band and University Concert Band
  • Undergraduate-only experience, allowing for ample classroom experience leading to the 5th year internship

Graduates From the Blair-To-Peabody Program...

  • hold teaching positions at elementary and secondary schools, as well as universities
  • pursue Ph.D. and other doctoral studies at prestigious universities
  • hold administrative positions in arts organizations throughout the country