About the Blair School of Music

The Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music offers conservatory-level, world-class music training at a top 20 academic institution. One of the few exclusively undergraduate music schools in the country, Blair limits enrollment to approximately 200 students in order to offer an exceptional 4:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Areas of study include strings, woodwinds, brass, voice, keyboards, jazz studies, percussion, composition, musicology, music education, and more.

The Blair School of Music seeks students with high standards of musicianship, scholarship, and personal character, whose ambition is to reach their greatest musical and intellectual potential.

Our Mission Statement

The Blair School focuses on the personal and professional education of highly talented young musicians who demonstrate an exceptional capacity and motivation to shape our increasingly diverse and complex global century—through music, with music, and in music.

Our unique "Blair Experience" builds on the very foundation of methods, repertories and ensembles shared by the world's most competitive schools of music and conservatories but goes well beyond that, immersing students in the transformative spaces of a world-class research university committed to inclusive excellence with distinction in areas ranging from theology to science, arts to engineering, humanities to business, and education to law.

Graduates of the Blair School are recognized as superior artists and scholars distinguished by their global mindsets, broad interdisciplinary competencies, and unyielding commitments to advocacy, entrepreneurship and education.