Lineup released for Precollege Chamber Music Recital, 2 p.m. April 28

The Blair School’s precollege chamber music program wraps up its Spring 2013 season with a diverse concert program at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 28, in Steve & Judy Turner Recital Hall. Nine ensembles will perform, followed by a reception.

The concert program features:

Jenna Mangum, violin; Jonathan Hearn, oboe; and Rebecca Rousseau, piano
Coaches: Roger Wiesmeyer & Dan Reinker

Allison Pao, violin; Christian Rogers, viola; Nadja Geier, cello; and Brian Lu, piano
Coaches: Amy Dorfman & Seanad Chang

Will Mangum, viola, and June Kim, piano
Coach: John Kochanowski

Chloe Harvel, violin; Mary Grace Johnson, violin; Lincoln Pent, viola; and David Bender, cello
Coach: John Kochanowski

Joseph Hwang, violin, and Bowen Feng, piano
Coach: Dan Reinker

Maggie Kasinger, violin; Nolan Harvel, violin; Samuel Bender, viola; and Caroline Bender, cello
Coach: Seanad Chang

Blake Skelton, violin, and Lindsey Tucker, piano
Coach: Jama Reagan

Olivia and Mikaela Rose, piano duet
Coach: Jama Reagan

Nolan Harvel & John Johns, guitar duo