Blair Children’s Chorus in Costa Rica, June 12-18

From June 12th to the 18th, the Blair Children’s Chorus will be touring to San José, Costa Rica on a musical performance tour. The Girls’ Concert Choir will combine with several other youth choirs form the United States, including the Charlotte Children’s Chorus and the Cary Academy Choir, all while spending several days rehearsing with renowned choral musicians Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory. After the main festival, the Concert Choir will perform a solo concert at La Fortuna Catholic Church at the base of the Arenal Volcano.

The directors and the choir have started a blog where you can follow their progress. They’re updating it every day to tell friends and family back home all about the trip. They promise to update anytime they can find wi-fi access, so check back frequently to learn all about their days. The first post is already loaded, so please favorite this site for the next six days and send it to friends and family. Also, you can follow the BCC on Facebook.

The BCC is honored to be a part of this choral festival, and is looking forward to exploring a unique and beautiful country!