A musical European tour with Blakemore Trio, Oct. 10

Blakemore Trio

Friday, October 10
8 p.m., Ingram Hall

Amy Dorfman, piano, Carolyn Huebl, violin, Felix Wang, cello

Goethe described chamber music as “(three) rational people conversing.” The Blakemore Trio pays homage to Franz Joseph Haydn, heralded as the creator of modern chamber music, opening its program with one of his delightful chamber music gems. A set of Bagatelles by Armenian composer Tigran Mansurian follows. Mansurian’s writing captures the musical traditions of his country, combining influences of ancient chant and modern forms. The evening then turns to Eastern-European folk music, with a piano trio by Czech composer Bedrich Smetana. Written in 1855, Smetana dedicates this towering tribute to the memory of his daughter, who succumbed to scarlet fever when she was 4 years old.

Presented with gratitude to Delphine and Ken Roberts for their generous support of the Blair School.