Blair students combine the resources of a major research university with intense music study

Abbey, left, and Brigit may be twins, but they have different majors. Abbey is earning a bachelor of music degree in musical arts/teacher education (voice). After graduating, she plans to stay an additional year as part of Blair’s MA5 program to become a music educator, earning a master of education through Vanderbilt’s Peabody College. Brigit is also earning the B.Mus. degree, majoring in bassoon performance with a second major in mathematics. The two had no classes together this spring, but they meet for tacos on Thursdays to check in with each other. Photo by Daniel DuBois

A Day in the LIfe of Abbey and Brigit Fitzgerald

Blair students major in music, often in addition to other disciplines, but they choose Vanderbilt for the social and academic opportunities the university offers that a traditional music conservatory cannot. This means Blair students are among the busiest on campus, continuing their intense focus on music while juggling the demands of other classes.This spring, Crescendo followed two first-year Blair students who happen to be twin sisters—Abbey Fitzgerald, who holds the Wilma Ward Scholarship, and sister Brigit, who is part of the Lanier Leadership Program—to see what a day in the life of a Blair student (or two) is really like.

View an audio slideshow about Abbey and Brigit here.



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