Carrie Tipton studies the history of college football fight songs in new book

Carrie Tipton

In her new book, From Dixie to Rocky Top, published by Vanderbilt University Press, Carrie Tipton shares the surprisingly complex stories behind some of the iconic collegiate fight songs that we all know; a history that encompasses class, race, gender, and regional identity.

In a recent interview with literary publication Chapter 16, Tipton notes: “Although we now associate college songs or fight songs with marching bands, they were once part of mainstream popular music, circulating well beyond campus and marketed by niche publishers who fought legal battles to protect their copyrights (and thus, royalties).”

Tipton is an adjunct instructor of musicology at Blair School of Music and studies the intersection of music, religion, history, and culture.

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From Dixie to Rocky Top

From Dixie to Rocky Top is available now through Vanderbilt University Press and major bookstores.