Faculty Load

Faculty Load Points

Full-Time Faculty

Full‐time faculty with professorial titles have a normal teaching load of 18 points; for artist teachers and senior artist teachers the norm is 24 points.

  • For individual instruction, 1 contact hour equals 1 point.
  • For group and class performance instruction, 1 contact hour equals 1.25 points; more than two sections at the same level equals 1 point.
  • Large ensembles have a load factor of 1.5 per contact hour.
  • Most lecture classes have a factor of 2 for university and 1.25 for pre‐college.
  • Points for performances, rehearsal, or research are assigned by the dean.

Faculty must submit a load calculation form each semester. Over‐ or underloads should balance out over two years. Adjunct faculty members may be compensated for assigned auditions, interviews, committees, advising, and coaching.

Approval of the dean to teach less than a full semester may be granted, but such requests are rare and must be made and approved before the semester begins so that office staff, students and parents can be notified at the time of registration.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are not required to submit load calculations. Adjunct loads and compensation are based on agreement with the dean.

Faculty Payroll

Faculty payroll is processed monthly, and is based on student registrations. Faculty should not teach students who are not registered.