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Blair First Years & Transfer Students

Welcome to Blair!  We are so pleased you have chosen Vanderbilt and the Blair School of Music for your Bachelor of Music degree. The faculty and administration look forward to meeting you in August. Until then, here are a few tips, FAQs, checklist items, and welcome letter to get you started on your planning. 

Getting Started/Next Steps 

Complete an Immunization Requirement Form

All incoming students are required to complete a Student Health Center Immunization Requirements Form that includes information regarding university and state-mandated vaccinations, as well as information on other strongly recommended vaccinations. For complete information, see the Student Health Center website.

Submit a Consent to Release Academic Information form

Vanderbilt University is subject to the provisions of federal law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also referred to as FERPA). Full information regarding your rights is available from the University Registrar's Office. Please send your completed Consent to Release Academic Information form to:

Blair Office of Academic Services
Blair School of Music
Vanderbilt University
2400 Blakemore Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212

Read the Blair Student Handbook (2021-2022 edition) 

Especially check out pages describing the core curriculum and sample curriculum pages for your major. The most recent edition is available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult other Blair and university resources for questions regarding:

 AP & IB Credit or Transfer Credit 

Keyboard Harmony Placement

Music Theory Placement: Your enrollment in MUTH 2100, The Syntax of Music, will be based on your theory placement exam. Professor Jarman will let you know which section to choose as you register (Accelerated I/Accelerated II/Regular). 

Ensembles at Blair

Ensemble auditions

Vanderbilt Visions — What is it?

Begin selecting courses!

Registration FAQs 

Familiarize yourself with YES (requires VUNetID), the hub of academic information and enrollment services.

Check your enrollment window appointments and load courses in your cart, using the "Schedule" link to review a grid of your selected course times.

Contact Prof. Amy Jarman, Head of Academic Advising (615-322-7684)

Contact Professor Jarman when you have loaded your cart. She will review your selections, give you advice, answer academic questions, and lift your enrollment hold so you can begin registering when your enrollment window opens.

Students planning to pursue pre-med should contact Professor Jarman early in the process, as seats fill quickly for required science classes.