Music Minor or Second Major

Blair offers a nonprofessional liberal arts major in music that requires a minimum of 31 credit hours. Designed jointly with the College of Arts & Science, the major is also available to Engineering and Peabody students. Undergraduate students in these three schools may also elect one of four minors at Blair: Music, Musicology/Ethnomusicology, Music Composition, or Music Performance.


Students intending to complete a second major or minor in music or music performance are expected to enroll in a semester of private lessons in voice, keyboard, guitar, or an orchestral instrument at the Blair School before auditioning for the program.

A student recommended by his or her teacher may audition for admission to the program during performance exams (juries) at the end of the first semester of private study.

A student with significant past experience on his or her instrument outside of the Blair School may request the department chair for an audition during performance juries at the end of the semester, in order to qualify for study as a Second Major, Performance Minor, or Music Minor at Blair the following semester.


Following auditions or interview with the appropriate department, students plan their studies with a Blair adviser:

Second Major Adviser

All second majors in music plan their studies with  Russell Platt, Room 2126, 615-343-3166 (on campus 3-3166).

Music Minor Advisers

Students whose last name begins with A-M: Russell Platt, Room 2126, 615-343-3166 (on campus 3-3166).

Students whose last name begins with N-Z: Jama Reagan, Room 2184, 615-322-4938 (on campus 2-4938).


A discount on private lesson music fees will be granted to students for future semesters of study, only after admission to the Second Major, Performance Minor, Music Composition Minor, Musicology/Ethnomusicology Minor or Music Minor program through performance jury or interview and completion of the appropriate paperwork. This paperwork must be filed with the Blair Office of Academic Services and with the student's home school by the end of the first week of classes.