Second Majors and Concentrations for Blair Majors

Second Majors

Music majors have the flexibility to complete a second major or minor in another undergraduate school at Vanderbilt. (This is a requirement for Bachelor of Musical Arts students.)

All Vanderbilt students with two majors receive only one degree; for Blair students this is the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Musical Arts degree. Because this is not a dual-degree program, it is completed in four years.

Please note that computer science is the only second major available to Blair students through the School of Engineering. Most students who wish to study engineering and music choose to enroll in the School of Engineering as their home school and in Blair as a second major or minor.

Complete information on second majors and the pre-med track is available in the Undergraduate Catalog and the Blair Student Handbook.


Optional concentrations are available for bachelor of music students in collaborative arts, composition, conducting, ethnomusicology, jazz, multiple woodwinds, music and the mind, musicology, pedagogy or music theory.