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Blair trio


Schedule a Tour

Visiting our campus provides an excellent opportunity to picture yourself here as a student. Blair tours begin with a 30-minute information session, followed by a 30-minute tour of the school. To schedule a tour of the Blair School of Music, please complete the registration form at the bottom of the page. If you'd like to schedule a tour of Vanderbilt University's main campus, you may do so at the Vanderbilt Admissions website.

IMPORTANT: Prior to travel, please note that we do not offer majors in: bluegrass or popular music styles/genres, songwriting, recording/sound-engineering, guitar, electric bass, banjo, drum-set, or ukulele. We provide this information as a courtesy to you as we know travel can be costly and we want to ensure you have updated information on our programs. You can read more about our programs at:

Schedule a Lesson

Lessons are available by request and based on faculty availability. Students interested in this opportunity must be a current junior or senior in high school, and plan to major in music. When available, these  lessons are complimentary. If you are interested in a lesson with a Blair School faculty member, please contact  Blair Admissions.

Class Observations

Prospective students are welcome to observe some of our classes and rehearsals. Please review the list of available classes. As you plan your travel, please note that Spring class visits cannot be accommodated March 2-6, 2020 and after April 20, 2020 due to the academic calendar. To make class visit arrangements, please contact Blair Admissions

Events in your Location

If you are unable to visit our campus, we encourage you to register for one of the NACAC Performing and Visual Arts Fairs in your area.  Registration is free of charge, but required for attendance. Our Assistant Dean of Blair Admissions will also be hosting coffee Q&A events across the country this fall. Please review the list below to see if one is taking place in your city, or nearby, and email us to learn more about how to register. If you have questions about other visit opportunities happening in your area, please contact Blair Admissions. 

NACAC Performing and Visual Arts Fairs

October 6, 2019: Interlochen PVA NACAC

October 28, 2019: Atlanta PVA NACAC

November 12, 2019: New York City PVA NACAC

Blair Coffee Q&A  Events with the Assistant Dean of Blair Admissions

September 13, 2019: Minneapolis, MN

September 17, 2019: Phoenix, AZ

September 20, 2019: Las Vegas, NV

September 23, 2019: San Jose, CA

September 25, 2019: Los Angeles, CA

September, 27, 2019: San Diego, CA

October 3, 2019: Washington D.C.

October 7, 2019: Charlotte, NC

October 11, 2019: Detroit, MI

October 14, 2019: Dallas, TX

October 17, 2019: Orlando, FL

October 19, 2019: Philadelphia, PA

October 20, 2019: San Antonio, TX

October 22, 2019: Austin, TX

October 23, 2019: Houston, TX

October 28, 2019: Atlanta, GA

November 1, 2019: Cambridge, MA

November 4, 2019: Tampa, FL

November 6, 2019: Miami, FL

November 13, 2019: New York, NY