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Jerry Kimbrough

Adjunct Associate Professor of Guitar

Student of Mick Goodrick, Cambridge, Mass., 1975-'77. Student of Randall Dollahon, University of Miami School of Music, 1978-82. Moved to Nashville in the fall of 1982 and began graduate studies in the studios of Music Row. Since then, Jerry Kimbrough has played on thousands of recording sessions in all styles, and been privileged to rub shoulders with some of the greatest musicians on the planet while playing guitar for publishers, record labels and television shows, as well as radio and TV commercials. Via his website, Kimbrough has worked with writers and artists around the world.

In 2005-06, Kimbrough studied Orchestration and Composition with Michael Kurek at the Blair School.

In June 2011, Kimbrough accompanied one of his clients, legendary songwriter John Bettis, to his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York. (Thanks to Gibson NYC for lending Jerry a guitar for the show!) Read the full story at Kimbrough's blog.

In August 2011, Kimbrough was privileged to participate in an intense weeklong seminar hosted by the National Guitar Workshop featuring Pat Metheny, bassist Christian McBride, drummer Antonio Sanchez and his longtime friend, guitar legend Mick Goodrick. There's simply not enough space here to describe how inspirational and provocative an experience this was!

Kimbrough is currently working with Dr. Gordon Logan, Centennial Chair of Psychology at Vanderbilt, on a multiyear study of the psychological processes of learning and playing the guitar. Thanks to Gibson Guitar for graciously donating guitars for this project!

In 2013 Kimbrough became one of the "first call" guitarists for Sweetwater Music's recording studio in Ft. Wayne, Ind. He continues to compose music for the Warner Chappell Production Music library, and he was chosen as a member of Leadership Music's Class of 2014.

Finally, look for Jerry playing guitar on screen this fall on the ABC television series Nashville.

Jerry has been with the Blair School since 2007.


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