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Melanie Lowe

Associate Professor of Musicology

Research interests include late 18th-century music, difference, electropop, and the scholarship of teaching. Publications include Pleasure and Meaning in the Classical Symphony (Indiana University Press, 2007) and articles and reviews in such journals and volumes as the Journal of Musicology, American Music, Popular Music and Society, Beethoven Forum, The World of Music, The Journal of Music History Pedagogy, Popular Music Scenes (Vanderbilt University Press, 2003), The Cambridge Companion to Haydn (Cambridge University Press, 2004), The Oxford Handbook of Topic Theory (forthcoming), and Oxford Bibliographies Online (forthcoming). Lectures and scholarly papers presented throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. Numerous awards, including the Madison Sarratt Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (Vanderbilt University, 2001), the Reverend James Lawson Lectureship for Service and Leadership (Vanderbilt, 2008), the Blair Faculty Excellence Award (Vanderbilt, 2010), and the Princeton Graduate Alumni Excellence in Teaching Award (Princeton University, 1993). Member of the Advisory Board for the Journal of Musicology. Blair School since 1998.