Certificate of Distinction

Certificate Requirements


  • Achievement of Distinction rank by audition in May of the student's junior year. In rare instances, permission for an audition in fall of the senior year may be granted.
  • Studio recital performance and performance class participation every semester if applicable.
  • Chamber Music/Collaborative Piano enrollment for at least one year, and participation in the Chamber Music recital.
  • Instrumental or choral ensemble participation as qualified.
  • Pre-recital hearing for the Certificate Recital, heard by departmental and Certificate Program Council faculty.
  • Performance of a Certificate Recital of at least 30 minutes of music.


  • A grade point average of at least B+ in classwork and performance studies.

Course Work

  • Music theory study at the Blair School completing at least Level 4 of the theory curriculum, or Level 6 for a certificate with honors.
  • Music history study at the Blair School for at least one year, or two years for a certificate with honors.