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Deanna Walker interviews Claude Kelley and Chuck Harmony for the Blair Hit Songwriters podcast

Blair Songwriter Series on Zoom

Learn songwriting and music business from industry legends and new, up-and-coming artists. Join instructor  Deanna Walker  and guests* including Ruby Amanfu, Kris Bergsnes, Don Henry, Kyle Kelso, Lo Miller (aka Malibu Babie), LeAnn Phalen, Jon Santana, Jessica Sharman, Chris Wallin, Cliff Audretch, III, Sarah Feldman, Eric Hurt, Dave Pacula, Bobby Rymer, Rick Beresford, and others for incredible, up-close and personal conversations about all aspects of songwriting, artistry and the music business.     


RUBY AMANFU (Multi-Grammy Nominated Songwriter/Epic Vocalist/Recording Academy Award Governor!!); KRIS BERGSNES (Legendary Songwriter and "Mayor of Nashville"); DON HENRY (Grammy-Winning Legendary Songwriter); KYLE KELSO (Multi-Platinum Songwriter/Producer!!); LO MILLER, AKA MALIBU BABIE (#1 Songwriter/Producer!!); JON SANTANA (#1 Songwriter/Producer!!); JESSICA SHARMAN (UK #1 Songwriter/Producer!!); CHRIS WALLIN (Multi-#1 Hit Songwriter!!); AND MORE!!!


CLIFF AUDRETCH, III (Publishing/Label/Management, Greatshakin' Music); SARAH FELDMAN (Reach Publishing); ERIC HURT (Empire Publishing); DAVE PACULA (Liz Rose Music); BOBBY RYMER (Writer's Den); and LEANN PHALEN (LP Creative Therapy).

The class is capped at 18 full participants (those who can have songs critiqued by hit songwriters and publishers) with an unlimited number of observers (observers can participate in every way other than song critique). 

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*Guests subject to change

Blair Hit Songwriter Series Podcast

Continue learning anytime through the Hit Songwriters Series podcast. Click any of the links above hear in-depth conversations about writing, creativity, business, artistry and all things music-related.   Because of the relaxed nature of our discussions, there is occasional profanity. You'll notice that we've cut out most song performances (for copyright purposes), but other than that, you're practically there!

The class is hosted by Deanna Walker, Vanderbilt artist teacher and songwriter, who has interviewed many of the world's greatest songwriters, including Randy Newman and Mark Knopfler, along with hundreds of talented creators and biz geniuses.



There is no better class to learn all the facets and faces of becoming a songwriter or artist than Deanna's class. I've gone from a student in the class, soaking up every word, to becoming a songwriter now with enough success in writing to give some insight back as a guest. I sat there and learned and I was able to actually apply the lessons and make it my life. It's the easiest shortcut to being a better songwriter there is.

- Jon Nite
Multiple No. 1 hit songwriter, including "I Hope" (Gabby Barrett/Charlie Puth) and "Break Up In the End" (Cole Swindell)

Deanna's songwriting class was instrumental in helping me approach songwriting as a craft. Learning from her Nashville perspective on songwriting, and lyricism in particular, has given me a leg up in the pop world. Years later, I still find myself using some of her tricks in my writing sessions!

- Michael Pollack
"Memories" (Maroon 5), "Holy" (Justin Beiber/Chance the Rapper), Katy Perry, Jonas Brothers

Anyone who wants a comprehensive knowledge of the music industry in all facets should absolutely take Deanna Walker's class. The access that one gets through her class to various songwriters, publishers, producers and executives is an exceptional learning tool for those who are trying to hone their craft and learn the business. As a young songwriter in town, her class was invaluable to me on my journey in the industry!

- Jesse Rice
CMA, AMA, ACM and Billboard Award winner; record-breaking, diamond level hit "Cruise" (Florida-Georgia Line)

Deanna brings in an endless and varied array of the world's greatest songwriters to teach, up close and on a very personal level. Nowhere else will you get to meet this breed of genius. Deanna is an inspiration - full of encouragement, and so very talented herself. She's the perfect teacher for this class. No matter what age or level of experience you are, if you love to write songs, this class is a rare chance to learn from world-class, chart-topping talent. You will come out of each class, head spinning from the "secrets" of success, and if you're like me, you'll go straight home, or to a bar, or coffee shop or heck, right to your car, and immediately start writing! I don't think there's anything like this anywhere else on earth. This class is enchanting, all wrapped up in Deanna's humongous heart of a smile. It's all good, folks. Tap this ... now! 

- Jackie DiPillo 

Spring 2023 Courses

Blair Hit Songwriter Series

Special guest artists each week make this class sparkle. From Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta and beyond, guests include the music industry's finest songwriters, publishers, producers, and performers. Connect, ask questions, hear the stories behind the songs, and get your songs critiqued by Professor Walker and industry guests. The class is presented on Zoom and limited to 20 full participants (those who can get their songs critiqued) with an unlimited number of observers (observers can participate in every way other than submitting material for critique).

Tuesdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.

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