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Vanderbilt and Universidad de Antioquia students join forces for video

Nov. 11, 2020—As part of Vanderbilt Blair’s ¡BLAIR! (Blair’s Latin American Initiatives and Resources) activities this semester, members of the Vanderbilt Wind Symphony, directed by Thomas Verrier, joined (virtually) with members of the Banda Sinfónica de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Antioquia in Meddelín, Colombia. The result is this wonderfully produced video performance of El Cucarrón (Pasillo)...

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The Blair String Quartet performs online and in 3D virtual reality

Sep. 30, 2020—The COVID-19 pandemic has forced performing arts organizations to get increasingly creative in how we present performances both safely and accessibly. Thanks to the tireless work of our technical crew, the Blair On Air live-streamed fall concert series has been a huge success so far. And this month we’re taking the technological leap into virtual...

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