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The Vanderbilt and Sun Yat-Sen Opera Exchange

Feb. 24, 2014—A 10-member delegation from the Lingnan Student Opera League at Sun Yat-Sen University will visit Vanderbilt as a part of the “Opera Exchange” sponsored by Vanderbilt’s U.S.-China Center for Education and Culture. Since 2007, and especially since the establishment of the U.S.-China Center, Vanderbilt and SYSU have actively sought opportunities to create more learning exchange...

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China blog, part 10: Lindsey chronicles the first few days

Dec. 29, 2012—Flight to Shijiazhuang December 27, 2012 After quite the early wake-up, we are on a domestic flight to Shijiazjuang. (No idea how to pronounce that!) I definitely am one of about three blonds on the entire flight, amid a sea of black hair. The flight attendant just announced the name of the city we’re going...

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China blog, part 9: Caitlin on concerts 1 and 2, Chinese food, and shopping in YanCheng

Dec. 29, 2012—So we are now in YanCheng, checked into a hotel where we finally have wifi and some time to warm up in our hotel rooms. Our first two concerts were great successes, and we played to full houses in both in Xingtai and Nanjing. In Xingtai, we played in a broadcasting station where cameramen were...

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China blog, part 8: Lindsey on the arrival in Shanghai

Dec. 29, 2012—December 26, 2012 Just got into the hotel in Shanghai after a few minor snafus — nothing dramatic. Thirty-six hours of travel later, I’m so excited just to shower. Less excited about waking up at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning for another plane ride. “Minimally tolerable” probably best describes the plane ride from San Francisco to...

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