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Applegate, Celia. The Necessity of Music: Variations on a German Theme. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017.

– Reviewed in Central European History (2017)

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Reviewed in PostClassic (2015), New York Times (2015), Choice (2016), Symphony Magazine (2016), Gramophone (2016), BBC Music Magazine (2016), H-Nationalism (2016), Journal of Musicological Research (2016), Transposition (2016), Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (2017), First Things (2017), MLA Notes (2017), Washington Post (2017), Journal of American History (2017), Nineteenth-Century Music Review (2017)

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– Includes Lowe, “Introduction: Rethinking Difference,” 1–52 (with Olivia Bloechl) and Lowe, “Difference and Enlightenment in Haydn’s Instrumental Music,” 133–169
– Reviewed in MLA Notes (2016)

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Simonett, Helena and César J. Burgos Dávila, “Mexican Pointy Boots and the Tribal Scene: Global Appropriations of Local Cultural Practices in the Virtual Age.” Transatlantica no. 1 (2015).

Reviews of previous faculty publications:

Russell E. Murray, Jr., Susan Forscher Weiss, and Cynthia J. Cyrus, eds., Music Education in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (Indiana, 2010) reviewed in Journal of Musicological Research.

Helena Simonett, ed. The Accordion in the Americas: Klezmer, Polka, Tango, Zydeco, and More! (Illinois, 2012) reviewed in Journal of the Society for American Music.


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– Volume winner of 2015 Society for Ethnomusicology Bruno Nettl Prize

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———. Arnold Schoenberg’s A “Survivor from Warsaw” in Postwar Europe. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2014.

– Honorable Mention, 2016 Nanovic Institute for European Studies Laura Shannon Prize
– Winner of 2015 AMS Jewish Studies and Music Study Group Award of Recognition for an Exceptional Book in the Field of Jewish Studies and Music
– Reviewed in Choice (2014), Times Literary Supplement (2015), MLA Notes (2016)

———. “Jewishness and Antifascism: Schoenberg’s A Survivor from Warsaw in East Germany (1958).” In Dislocated Memories: Jews, Music, and Postwar German Culture, edited by Tina Frühauf and Lily E. Hirsch,187–204. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014.

– Volume winner of 2015 American Musicological Society Ruth A. Solie Award

Cockrell, Dale. “William Johnson: Barber, Musician, Parable.” American Music 32 (2014): 1-23.

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———. Review of Troubadour Blues by Tom Weber. Ethnomusicology 58 (2014): 361–363,

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– Volume winner of 2015 Society for Music Theory Citation for Special Merit
– Volume reviewed in The Beethoven Journal (2014), Journal of the American Musicological Society (2015), Music & Letters (2015), Notes (2015)

———. “Joseph Haydn.” Oxford Bibliographies Online. Oxford University Press, 2014.

Shadle, Douglas W. “How Santa Claus Became a Slave Driver: The Work of Print Culture in a Nineteenth-Century Musical Controversy.” Journal of the Society for American Music 8 (2014): 501–537

– Winner of 2016 Society for American Music Irving Lowens Article Award
– Winner of 2015 ASCAP Deems Taylor/Virgil Thomson Award

———. Review of George Whitefield Chadwick: The Life and Music of the Pride of New England by Bill F. Faucett. Journal of Musicological Research 33 (2014): 352–357.

Simonett, Helena. “Envisioned, Ensounded, Enacted: Sacred Ecology and Indigenous Musical Experience in Yoreme Ceremonies of Northwest Mexico.” Ethnomusicology 58 (2014): 110–132.

Reviews of previous faculty publications:

Gregory F. Barz and Judah Cohen, eds., The Culture of AIDS in Africa: Hope and Healing in Music and the Arts (Oxford, 2011) reviewed in Journal of the Royal Musical Association.

Dale Cockrell, My Homeland Tennessee: A Research Guide to Songs about Tennessee (MTSU CPM, 2012) reviewed in Music Reference Services Quarterly.

Jim Lovensheimer, “South Pacific”: Paradise Rewritten (Oxford, 2010) reviewed in Journal of the Society for American Music.

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Cyrus, Cynthia J. Received Medievalisms: A Cognitive Geography of Viennese Women’s Convents. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2013.

– Reviewed in Medieval Feminist Forum (2014), Women’s History Review (2014), Renaissance Quarterly (2015)

———. “Vernacular and Latinate Literacy in Viennese Women’s Convents.” In Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe: The Hull Dialogue, edited by Virginia Blanton, Veronica O’Mara, and Patricia Stoop, 119–132. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2013.

– Volume reviewed in Medieval Feminist Forum (2014), Manuscripta (2014), Parergon (2014), Speculum (2016)

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Reviews of previous faculty publications:

Gregory F. Barz and Judah Cohen, eds., The Culture of AIDS in Africa: Hope and Healing in Music and the Arts (Oxford, 2011) reviewed in Ethnomusicology.

Gregory F. Barz and Timothy F. Cooley, eds., Shadows in the Field: New Perspectives for Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology, 2nd ed. (Oxford, 2008) reviewed in Ethnomusicology.

Jim Lovensheimer, “South Pacific”: Paradise Rewritten (Oxford, 2010) reviewed in TDR: The Drama Review.

Helena Simonett, ed. The Accordion in the Americas: Klezmer, Polka, Tango, Zydeco, and More! (Illinois, 2012) reviewed in Yearbook for Traditional Music.