Private Lessons

student playing saxophone

Blair Academy welcomes students of all ages and abilities, from young beginners to advanced performers. Private instruction is offered in voice, piano, orchestral instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion), folk instruments (fiddle, guitar and dulcimer) and jazz instruments (guitar, piano and drums).

Our acclaimed faculty have a reputation for personal excellence and for their commitment to students as developing musicians and human beings. Many faculty members teach both Blair Academy and university students, highly valuing their involvement with both.

Spring 2023 Private Instruction

Every new student must contact a faculty member for a placement interview before registering for lessons. Faculty are happy to answer questions about lessons, procedures, and expectations. See the faculty contact list below.

The Blair Academy semester is 16 weeks, which includes 15 lessons and a jury/performance exam. Tuition listed covers the full 16-week semester. New students may apply for a need-based scholarship at the time of registration. Learn more about our scholarship programs.

When ready to register, email the Blair Academy Registrar, Arianna Schickel or call her at 615-322-7655 for instructions. Registration can be completed by clicking here

Tuition for all orchestral Instruments, plus piano, guitar and voice:

  • 30-minute weekly lessons: $1,345
  • 45-minute weekly lessons: $1,895
  • 60-minute weekly lessons: $2,385

Tuition for all folk instruments (fiddle)

  • 30-minute weekly lessons: $1,160
  • 45-minute weekly lessons: $1,580
  • 60-minute weekly lessons: $2,000

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