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Faculty Tools & Forms

Handbooks for Blair Faculty

Vanderbilt Faculty Manual

Blair Faculty Handbook 2018-19

Blair Advising Handbook 2018-19

Provost's Office Policy on Interns and Observers in University Central Schools

Blair faculty committees 2018-19

Report a computer or technology issue

Email your problem to the IT department

Sexual Misconduct Resource List 2018-19

Vanderbilt University sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence support and resource information

Scheduling at Blair

Blair Scheduling & Reservation Services Page

EMS (Event Management Systems)

EMS Help Page

 Clinic Form

Clinic Details Form

Grading & Semester Reports

 Collegiate online grading information

Incomplete Grade request

PACE/DestinyOne Instructor Portal

PACE/DestinyOne Instructor Portal User Guide

Precollege and adult online grading and class rolls (PANDA)

Semester Report Forms

Change of Course Request

Course and Teaching Evaluations

Faculty load and payroll info

Auditing a Blair class

Schedule a photograph

Photo assignment request form

Recital forms

Recital tech request form

Performance report form

Recital hearing form

Curriculum Committee

Guidelines for curriculum proposals

Request addition to Blair curriculum (university)

Request change to Blair curriculum (university)

Request an addition to Blair PreCollege & Adult Curriculum

Guest artist forms

Guest artist event form

W9 form

ACH form (for direct deposit)

Guest artist invoice form

Academic travel

Academic travel policy

Academic travel checklist