Bachelor of Musical Arts

The bachelor of musical arts degree gives excellent performers and composers the flexibility to combine in-depth music study with a second focus in a field outside of music.

The degree, which is available in any orchestral instrument, Jazz Studies, piano, saxophone, euphonium, voice and composition, includes a broad foundation in the art of music, in addition to a self-designed area of interdisciplinary studies or a specific non-musical field (for example: pre-med, music and the mind, art history, computer science, etc.)

This major is ideal for a student who has a strong interest in two different fields and/or combining two areas of study into an individually designed interdisciplinary area.

Students interested in musical arts apply with the same materials and standards as applicants for the performance major.

The required liberal arts core affords all Blair students the opportunity to develop a broad-based understanding of intellectual endeavors and methods in a variety of disciplines, to explore the interconnectedness of music, arts and other humanistic pursuits, and to articulate their thinking in clear and effective language.