Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music degree program includes five different majors: performance, composition, jazz studies, integrated studies, and integrated studies/teacher education

All bachelor of music degree candidates complete a program designed to ensure an intense yet broadly based understanding of the discipline of music, focused on the skills and knowledge students will need to succeed as informed musicians of the 21st century. 

The required liberal arts core affords all Blair students the opportunity to develop a broad-based understanding of intellectual endeavors and methods in a variety of disciplines, to explore the interconnectedness of music, arts and other humanistic pursuits, and to articulate their thinking in clear and effective language.

Integrated Studies Major

The integrated studies major attracts students who are strong performers and/or composers, but are also interested in other facets of music.

Students in this major declare a primary performance area or composition and also choose a concentration in another musical area. Some examples of music concentrations are: composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, pedagogy, music theory, jazz, multiple winds, collaborative arts, or an individually designed area.

This program provides a solid foundation in the study of music and liberal arts, as well as the opportunity to develop and refine a second discipline in music.

Jazz Studies Major

The major in jazz studies combines performance, composition, improvisation, musicianship, analysis, music technology, and entrepreneurship to prepare diverse and agile musicians for a wide range of careers.

The major also offers specialized courses and ensembles focusing on global music. Students have the opportunity to focus on American and non-Western music traditions while developing the core fundamentals of Western music common to all Blair majors.

The Jazz Studies program is available through any of the instrumental or voice areas, as well as Guitar or Drum Set.

Composition Major

The composition major emphasizes creation and analysis of music in an evolving culture, encouraging students to develop a deep knowledge of self while fostering a greater understanding of the musical world around them.

Students focus on repertoire and craft, primarily in (but not limited to) the art music field, and may then employ those skills and techniques to explore other areas of interest, such as film scoring, jazz composition, musical theater composition, electroacoustic music, computer composition, and experimental music.

Performance Major

For students dedicated to developing performance skills at the highest level, the performance major is available in any orchestral instrument, piano, saxophone, euphonium, and voice. This degree program focuses heavily on individual performance instruction in the classical tradition.

Students gain practical experience through solo recitals, master class participation, and performance in chamber music and larger ensembles. The program also emphasizes knowledge of music theory, musicianship and historical inquiry to help performers become well-rounded musicians.

A school-sponsored referral service provides opportunities for student soloists and ensembles to gain performing experience for pay in Nashville.