• Scholarship Information

    Scholarship Information

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    Jul. 21, 2023

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    Oct. 21, 2021

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    Aug. 23, 2021

  • Watch Blair School Events Live Online

    Watch Blair School Events Live Online

    No livestream events are currently scheduled(scroll down to view the livestream panes)Blair School of Music livestreams are provided to the community for personal viewing to share the academic endeavors of our faculty and students. Some Blair School of Music events are not available for livestreaming. Click here to view… Read More

    Aug. 19, 2021

  • Performance Opportunities

    Performance Opportunities

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    Aug. 19, 2021

  • Programs for Non-Blair Undergraduates

    Programs for Non-Blair Undergraduates

    Blair offers opportunities for all Vanderbilt students to make music part of their lives and their academic focus. The school offers private instruction for credit in any instrument or voice, as well as for group instruction in piano, voice, percussion and fiddle. Courses designed for music majors are open to… Read More

    Aug. 18, 2021

  • Second Majors and Concentrations for Blair Majors

    Second Majors and Concentrations for Blair Majors

    Second Majors Music majors have the flexibility to complete a second major or minor in another undergraduate school at Vanderbilt. (This is a requirement for Bachelor of Musical Arts students.)All Vanderbilt students with two majors receive only one degree; for Blair students this is the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor… Read More

    Aug. 18, 2021

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    Aug. 18, 2021

  • Five-Year Programs

    Five-Year Programs

    Five-Year Bachelor of Music/Master of Education Program The integrated studies/teacher education program combines Blair’s strengths with those of the Peabody College of Education and Human Development. Based on the integrated studies major, the program provides for teacher licensure in instrumental or vocal/general music.Students who meet all requirements will earn the… Read More

    Aug. 18, 2021

  • Bachelor of Musical Arts

    Bachelor of Musical Arts

    The bachelor of musical arts degree gives excellent performers and composers the flexibility to combine in-depth music study with a second focus in a field outside of music.The degree, which is available in any orchestral instrument, Jazz Studies, piano, saxophone, euphonium, voice and composition, includes a broad foundation in the… Read More

    Aug. 18, 2021