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Vanderbilt Choirs

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The choral offerings at Vanderbilt University are designed to make a quality choral ensemble available to each Vanderbilt student. All Vanderbilt Choirs are open to both music and non-music majors, both for credit and not-for-credit. Scroll down to see the choral offerings at Vanderbilt.

Blair's Director of Choral Studies is Tucker Biddlecombe. He also serves as Chorus Director for the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.  


Music in the Listening Place

The Vanderbilt Chorale released their first full-length album in February of 2018, entitled  Music in the Listening Place.  This album has been described as "a taster of the emotional highs and lows choral music can evoke in the listener" (Review Graveyard). The American Record Guide labeled this record as "a fine album, in part because of the intense performances of the students of the Vanderbilt Chorale" (American Record Guide). Click the playlist below to hear the album in its entirety, or download on Amazon, iTunes/Apple Music, or Spotify.

Choral Offerings and Auditions
Vanderbilt Chorale - MUSE 2120
[1.0 credit - Hybrid instruction for Fall 2020]
Director: Tucker Biddlecombe

Meeting Times (Fall): 1:50-2:40 p.m. MWF; 3:55-4:45 p.m. R in Choral Hall (Blair)
Fall 2020 concert dates: Performances will be virtual and released in December

Open by audition to all Vanderbilt students (both music and non-music majors), this select 16-24 voice choir performs music in a variety of styles, and performs multiple formal concerts per semester with bi-annual national and international tours. High levels of musicianship, preparation, and vocal flexibility are required.

Vanderbilt Chorale will be re-auditioned for Spring. At least one semester of past participation in University Singers is required. Audition information is available by clicking this link and filling out the returning student questionnaire. The link to the audition form can be accessed here

Audition excerpts for Fall 2020 - Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass


Vanderbilt University Singers - MUSE 1020
[1.0 credit, hybrid instruction for Fall 2020]
Director: Tucker Biddlecombe

Meeting Times (Fall): 4:10-5:10 p.m. MWF in Turner Hall (Blair)
Fall 2020 concert dates: Performances will be virtual and released in December

Open by audition to all Vanderbilt students (both music and non-music majors), this choral ensemble performs choral music of all genres, and combines with the orchestra to perform major choral works each year. This ensemble fulfills ensemble credit for students majoring or minoring in music, and is open to non-majors who meet prerequisite standards of music reading, vocal quality and choral experience.

To join University Singers, simply register for MUSE 1020. If you are a returning student who has participated in Symphonic Choir or University Singers before, simply register for the course and you will be contacted about an audition hearing. If you are a new student, you should also register for the course, however you will need to complete an audition by appointment during the first week of classes according to the parameters below. These ZOOM auditions can be scheduled by filling out this online information form. The link to sign up for an audition is on the last page of the questionnaire.

Auditions will take place ONLINE. Requirements for ALL students include the following:

  • Vocalization identifying comfortable range and vocal quality
  • Moderately difficult (but melodic) sight-reading, on solfege or neutral syllable -- your choice.
Blair Jazz Choir - MUSE 1330
[1.0 credit, hybrid instruction for Fall 2020]
Director: Christina Watson

Open by audition to all Vanderbilt students; ensemble is limited to 12 voices, plus rhythm section. Repertoire includes scat, contemporary, and standard jazz. On and off-campus performances throughout the semester.

Concert Dress

Option 1:  Black tuxedo, black collared button-down shirt, white tuxedo shirt, standard sized black bow tie, black socks, black shoes

Option 2:  Conservative, ankle-length black dress, black skirt (no slits), or black dress pants with long sleeved black blouse, closed-toe black shoes.

Chorale Only: Tunic provided. You must provide tuxedo bottoms or dress pants (no leggings or denim) with closed toed dress shoes.