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Beginning and Partner Piano

For children ages 3 and older

Partner Piano is an inviting, holistic approach to piano instruction. Students receive a combination of private and group piano instruction. Fundamentals of technique and individual work take place in a weekly private lesson. In the group lesson, two to four students work together to learn rhythm, pitch, musical terms and notation, using a variety of activities. Each student has a private lesson and a group lesson weekly. The program has four tiered levels of instruction, allowing students to progress at their own pace. Partner Piano I is limited to 3-year-olds with a parent or caregiver, so the adult can learn how to help the child with practice at home.

If Partner Piano is not available or is not the right program for a particular child, Hwang will help arrange the best private teacher for your family.

Please email ChiHee Hwang or call 615-322-7670 to schedule an interview.


ChiHee Hwang, coordinator

Valerie Middleton

Susan Yang

Summer 2021 courses

Partner Piano I

30-minute private lesson and 30-minute group lesson weekly (Children age 3)

Partner Piano II

One 30-minute private and 30-minute weekly group. (Children ages 4 and up)

Partner Piano III

One 45-minute private and 30-minute weekly group.

Partner Piano IV

One 60-minute private and 30-minute weekly group.