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Blair Hit Songwriter Series and Podcast

Blair Songwriter Series on Zoom

Learn songwriting and music business from industry legends and new, up-and-coming artists. Join instructor Deanna Walker and guests Jon Nite, Kyle Avenarius, Nate Banks, B Che’, Kim Dockery, Don Henry, Craig King, Kate LaBrel, Gina Miller, LeAnn Phalen, Jesse Rice, and others for incredible, up-close and personal conversations about all aspects of songwriting, artistry, and the music business. 

The class is capped at 20 students, so all may ask questions and have their songs critiqued by hit songwriters and publishers including Cliff Audretch III, Rick Beresford, Eric Hurt, and Chelsea Kent.

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Blair Hit Songwriter Series Podcast

Continue learning anytime through the Hit Songwriters Series podcast. Click any of the links above hear in-depth conversations about writing, creativity, business, artistry and all things music-related.   Because of the relaxed nature of our discussions, there is occasional profanity. You’ll notice that we’ve cut out most song performances (for copyright purposes), but other than that, you’re practically there!

The class is hosted by Deanna Walker, Vanderbilt artist teacher and songwriter, who has interviewed many of the world’s greatest songwriters, including Randy Newman and Mark Knopfler, along with hundreds of talented creators and biz geniuses.  


Deanna brings in an endless and varied array of the world's greatest songwriters to teach, up close and on a very personal level. Nowhere else will you get to meet this breed of genius. Deanna is an inspiration — full of encouragement, and so very talented herself. She's the perfect teacher for this class. No matter what age or level of experience you are, if you love to write songs, this class is a rare chance to learn from world-class, chart-topping talent. You will come out of each class, head spinning from the "secrets" of success, and if you're like me, you'll go straight home, or to a bar, or coffee shop or heck, right to your car, and immediately start writing! I don't think there's anything like this anywhere else on earth. This class is enchanting, all wrapped up in Deanna's humongous heart of a smile. It's all good, folks. Tap this ... now! 

— Jackie DiPillo 

Fall 2020 Courses: