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Music Theory and Musicianship

Spring 2022 courses

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Musicianship II

While continuing to develop the foundational pitch and rhythm skills acquired in Level I, using the Ploger Method®, students learn to aurally recognize, read, write, play, improvise, and harmonize diatonic tonal and modal melodies. The class is limited to students ages 14 and older. Prerequisite: Level I.

Advanced Musicianship

Using skills learned in Musicianship I and II, you’ll discover how to read, hear, transcribe and transpose pitches, rhythms and chords heard in an assortment of pop, folk and classical pieces. Also, you will learn to more fluently sight-sing and improvise using solfège syllables and moveable scale-degree numbers.

Interactive Music Theory

Understanding how music is put together enhances performing ability and personal satisfaction. Each student's learning and understanding is personally guided through interaction with the teacher and regular worksheets and tests. Classes on Zoom allow for more personalized instruction. Students are welcome after completing an initial placement test. Each class will be capped at 14 students.

Beginning Music Theory II

Struggling with note and music reading? Learn the essentials of music notation including the notes in treble and bass clef, note and rest values, time and key signatures, repeat signs, and more! Terrific for young string players. Parents are welcome to attend.

Music Theory Without Fear

Music theory can be fun. unlock its secrets and learn how to read, write, and understand theory in this lively course. The course is designed for all who want to gain a fundamental understanding of theory in a short time. Excellent college prep or review course. No previous experience necessary.